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 What I have learned has had a tremendous impact on my life. It has helped me to be more present in all of my relationships. I have learned that it is OK to have boundaries and to negotiate with others. It has given me direction in determining who I am. 

John ~ Writer, Musician, Painter  

Working with the tools of heart-centered life-leadership has foundationally deepened my relationships in my community, at my place of employment, with my family and other primary relationships.  These tools are helping create a deep and necessary integrity within me and allowing a profound expression of my deepest voice and a core expression of my authentic nature.  All of this has opened a new level of love and truth and genuine expression of emotion in all of my relationships.    

Dr. Steve English ~ Chiropractic Physician  

I have listened to and believed in my heart and this led me to make a vocational change; I have an outlet for personal learning as well as for my singing; and I am a much better parent.  I have found the process of INTENTIONAL NEGOTIATING very important and even NECESSARY.  I have especially found it useful in my relationship with my teenage son.  Using these tools has changed my way of parenting from "dictating" (which was not working and causing much stress) to "negotiating" (which usually leads to an end result that we are both pleased with).

Also, I have learned how important it is to "educate" people I am in "relationship" with about my individuality.  I do this by SPEAKING what I like and what I do not like.  I cannot rely on mind-reading, or non-verbal communication.  I must SPEAK intentionally from my heart.   

Cindy ~ Marketing Manager 

The impact on my family, relationships, work, spirituality has been dramatic. In these areas I show up with my authentic heart truth and invite others to show up as well. I have touched and been touched. . . . .in all these areas. Specifically, I am able to allow others their way and let go of control in how they show up in my life. I do not hold back my passion and I try to show up with excellence. I speak requests and wishes and negotiate the form of my interactions with others. I have grown in spirituality and my family has grown, in that I have many heart brothers and sisters. My interactions with others at work are more cohesive and I have no amends to make with anyone in any areas of my life. I have been blessed

Tom ~ College instructor, Poet

All areas of my life have been tremendously impacted. I have learned to bring full intentionality to parenting my children and to my clients and the work that I do. It has taken me to new heights and depths in every significant relationship in my life. It has allowed me to stretch into fuller awareness of and to be more and more embracing of my connection with God and His spirit that flows through me. I am able to passionately invite and bless the anger, sadness and anxiety in my life right along with the happiness, excitement and peacefulness.  

Tammy ~ Psychotherapist 

The ILC is a circle. A circle of intentional, authentic, honoring, compassionate “truth seekers”.  Individuals seeking truth, seeking justice, and seeking peace in their own lives, the lives of others and in the world by speaking from the heart.  A circle of individuals that accept, embrace and embolden diversity, peace and the sacredness of life. I am a seeker and I believe I have been seeking this type of connection all my life. Learning the tools of life-leadership has had a major impact on my life, how I view life, and how I interact with all individuals in my life. I have been challenged to honor and accept the unique spirit within me and to gift the world with this spirit. I can gift the world by creating change and bringing love, compassion, and peace to this world by being authentic and true to myself and others.  The journey of heart-centered life-leadership is a gift that gifts the world and seeks peace through compassion, authenticity and intentionality.

Trish ~ PhD in Education 

 I have been impacted tremendously. I am much more honest with myself and others with whom I have a relationship. I have learned to speak clearly and still be in partnership. I am much happier with who I am and how I feel.  Life-leadership tools have been a wake-up call for me in my personal and professional life.  They have a basic clarity and profoundness in communication and dialogue that eludes most of us. 

Kevin ~ Musician


My life has changed dramatically. My relationships with family, my church, my work environment and my social and vocational activities have been much deeper and fuller. I have learned to be more authentic and to speak from my heart. I acknowledge and express my feelings and let others know me better.  The tools I have learned to use have been invaluable.  They have cleared the way for improved clarity, conciseness and intentionality in my relationships with family, friends, loved ones and others that I associate with on a regular basis. 

Lacy ~ Retired insurance agent, financial planner 

The impact has been life changing. I am more focused, more centered and more authentic. I am closer to the Lord and my relationships in my social, business and all other parts of my life have improved dramatically. 

Woody ~ Business owner

I have incorporated various tools into my life; my family, my social life and my relationships with others in college. I use the Integra Method of Negotiation on a regular basis

Ben ~ Advertising specialist 

I have been able to bring quality and depth to my work environment; and wholeness, balance and authenticity to relationships with my family.  

Ginger ~ Photographer

Through my participation I have given myself the permission to live my life intentionally and to listen to my heart. It has totally changed and improved all of my relationships.  Also, by using these powerful heart-centered life-leadership tools, I awake every morning with confidence, that by being fully conscious and present, being authentic, intentional and fully accountable, I can offer something of value to God, life and those I hold dear.  Perhaps even another generation.  This is BIG, BIG
STUFF. . .I know, finally, that. . .I have contributed something of value to this world.  Being intentional enhances the essence of all that I hold dear: spiritual, personal, familial, and community.  I have, and am making choices, that allow me to have to care about these domains deeply, to make commitments that make me feel alive. . .

Jane ~ Artist, Grandmother, Great-grandmother 

Heart-centered life-leadership tools have been a huge and essential part of my my relationship building.  They are practical.  They address and attend to my day-to-day struggles to communicate and build intimacy with those I care about and professionally.  They have brought a tremendous increase in QUALITY to the relatioinships closest to me and to my human interactions with the world.

Casey ~ Artist

Heart-centered life-leadership tools provide a way for me to be in partnership without losing the truth of my own heart and allowing room for the truth of my partner.  Learning how to negotiate around issues that are going to be there is creating true heartful intimacy in my relationship.

Jackie ~ Executive Director (non-profit organization)

The realization of the importance of expressing my own heart's desires. . .is bringing more intimacy to my relationship.  Learning to focus on one theme at a time in negotiations is bringing greater clarity and insights and less arguments. 

Wes ~ Retired director of transportation

The tools I am learning have helped me to be true to my being, my soul, without compromising or devaluing my spirit.  These tools have given me workable techniques to partner with my reality [and] provide keys to unlock "stuck" doors and allow life-enriching breakthroughs that have made a huge difference in my life.

Tom ~ Date base administrator