The impact on my family, relationships, work, spirituality has been dramatic. In these areas I show up with my authentic heart truth and invite others to show up as well. I have touched and been touched. . . . .in all these areas. Specifically, I am able to allow others their way and let go of control in how they show up in my life. I do not hold back my passion and I try to show up with excellence. I speak requests and wishes and negotiate the form of my interactions with others. I have grown in spirituality and my family has grown, in that I have many heart brothers and sisters. My interactions with others at work are more cohesive and I have no amends to make with anyone in any areas of my life. I have been blessed.

Tom ~ College instructor, Poet

The ILC is a circle. A circle of intentional, authentic, honoring, compassionate “truth seekers”. Individuals seeking truth, seeking justice, and seeking peace in their own lives, the lives of others and in the world by speaking from the heart. A circle of individuals that accept, embrace and embolden diversity, peace and the sacredness of life. I am a seeker and I believe I have been seeking this type of connection all my life. Learning the tools of life-leadership has had a major impact on my life, how I view life, and how I interact with all individuals in my life. I have been challenged to honor and accept the unique spirit within me and to gift the world with this spirit. I can gift the world by creating change and bringing love, compassion, and peace to this world by being authentic and true to myself and others. The journey of heart-centered life-leadership is a gift that gifts the world and seeks peace through compassion, authenticity and intentionality.

Trish ~ PhD in Education

I have been impacted tremendously. I am much more honest with myself and others with whom I have a relationship. I have learned to speak clearly and still be in partnership. I am much happier with who I am and how I feel. Life-leadership tools have been a wake-up call for me in my personal and professional life. They have a basic clarity and profoundness in communication and dialogue that eludes most of us.

Kevin ~ Musician

I have incorporated various tools into my life; my family, my social life and my relationships with others in college. I use the Integra Method of Negotiation on a regular basis.

Ben ~ Advertising specialist

I have been able to bring quality and depth to my work environment; and wholeness, balance and authenticity to relationships with my family.

Ginger ~ Photographer

Heart-centered life-leadership tools have been a huge and essential part of my my relationship building. They are practical. They address and attend to my day-to-day struggles to communicate and build intimacy with those I care about and professionally. They have brought a tremendous increase in QUALITY to the relatioinships closest to me and to my human interactions with the world.

Casey ~ Artist

My life has changed dramatically. My relationships with family, my church, my work environment and my social and vocational activities have been much deeper and fuller. I have learned to be more authentic and to speak from my heart. I acknowledge and express my feelings and let others know me better. The tools I have learned to use have been invaluable. They have cleared the way for improved clarity, conciseness and intentionality in my relationships with family, friends, loved ones and others that I associate with on a regular basis.

Lacy ~ Retired insurance agent, financial planner

“Former ILC Participants”

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