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Welcome to The
 Institute for Life Leadership and Coaching !
                        Where Everyday Heart-centered Life-leadership is 

There comes a time in our life when we become ready for breakthrough into greater possibilities. . . When we become eager to develop a more passionate & meaningful vision for ourselves, our relationships & our
communities.  At such times, we reach out for information and support.
The institute's intentional self development & heart-centered leadership programs are a port of call for passionate journeyers, a soulful space for cutting-edge personal learning.  For more than a decade, the ILC has been helping people infuse their dreams with potent, transformative knowledge.  
"The ILC is a circle.  A circle of intentional, authentic, honoring, compassionate “truth seekers”. . .  A circle of individuals that accept, embrace and embolden diversity, peace and the sacredness of life. I am a seeker and I believe I have been seeking this type of connection all my life.  Learning the tools of life-leadership has had a major impact on my life, how I view life, and how I interact with all individuals in my life. . . The journey of heart-centered life-leadership is a gift that gifts the world and seeks peace through compassion, authenticity and intentionality."

Trish Francis ~ PhD in Education 
We offer this website as a resource for people
who are passionate about
their journey of self development
and care deeply about bringing more
peace & justice to our world.  This website is a place for people who are committed to their self development journey to return again and again. . . . .
for continued learning, inspiration &
heart-centered exploration.
While we excitedly offer the material on this website as a resource, we ask you to please remember that all of the material is copyrighted and may not be used or reproduced without permission.  Thank you very much.

The ILC:
Peace thru Partnership 
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