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Our "Top 7 Suggestions"
for How to Get the Most from this Website &
Enjoy it as a Useful Reference

There is a lot of information on this website
and as you get started it occurred to us
you might not know
which way to turn!
So, here are a few suggestioins:
1. Getting yourself a cup of coffee or tea
could help set a nice exploratory mood. 
2. After you've perused our
"Welcome Page" and "Home Page" and "Home Page II,"
we encouarge you to check out the section called Here you can read a lot about how learning
the tools of heart-centered life-leadership
has impacted people's lives.  
3. A quick visit to our "Video Clip Gallery"
allows you to see and hear
ILC staff members talking about different ideas
related to the heart-centered life-leadership journey.
AND, there are several excerpts of live footage
from an ILC weekend where a great deal of learning
through drama and music.
4. We think by now you might be ready for some
intellectual nourishment.
(If not, just skip on down to suggestion #5)!
If you are, in fact, ready to explore some theoretical ideas,
"Quotes and Writings"
section is a great place to begin.
Here you'll find excerpts from a book
that is being co-authored by the
Chris Saade & Barry Sherman
(the ILC's Director & Assistant Director).
In addition, there are many writings from
other staff members and partcipants.
Also, we have nearly 3o pages of quotes
that are most inspiring and also reveal a great deal
about what the work of the ILC is all about.
And now you might be saying:
"I really want to know more about the core ideas
and philosophical underpinnings
of heart-centered life-leadership"!
A click on the "INTEGRA" button
will give you just that and really get you thinking! 
5. Are you a music lover?
If so, don't miss a stop at our "Music Gallery."
You'll discover lots of great and inspiring performances
by ILC staff members and participants. 
6. If you believe that a picture is worth a 1000 words,
then get that mouse finger of yours clicking
on the "Photo Gallery" button!!
You will get many up close and personal glimpses
of various ILC learning and training experiences
that are available for your participation.
7. Archetypes.  Is this word familiar to you?
If so, that's great!  If not, no problem!
In a nut shell, archetypes can be thought of as
universal human instincts and patterns of thought/behavior.
Click on the "Archetypal Exploration" button
to learn about this key component of
heart-centered life-leadership.  
And, to learn about your own archetypal makeup,
we encourage you to click on the button called
"Assess Yourself." 
By doing so, you'll be taken to a great article by John Amen
that includes suggestions for how to gain insight into:
* your inner world of archetypes;

* the archetypal dynamics of all your relationships;

* ways to breakthrough stuckness in your personal/business relationships; and

* ways of creating mutual understanding, greater closeness
and the possibility of more passionate connections with others

We hope these suggestions have been helpful.
Please feel free to contact us any time
for further information.