Life-leadership for Young Adults

Attention Young Adults!

  • Would you like to learn tools for knowing yourself in a deeper way?
  • Do you ever feel unfulfilled in your friendships and other relationships?
  • Do you want to awaken your passion for greater visions in your life -- visions that fulfill you and also convey great possibilities for bringing more meaning, peace and community to the global context?
  • Are there times when you get into emotional ruts that pull you down?
  • Could you benefit from learning some tools that would help you develop a direction and vision for your life?
  • Are you hungry for more genuinely supportive and authentic friendships?
  • Would you like to meet other young people who are concerned about making a difference in the world?

If you answered "yes" to one or more of the above questions, then the ILC could be a place worth checking out! We meet twice per semester at the Levine Campus of CPCC. For more information contact Tom Anthony. (Email:

“In my journey to claim the beauty inside of myself and blessing my wounds. Standing proudly by my spirit when she tells me that she has the strength to grow and hold wisdom, and the strength to hold it for the world. . .I stand by my spirit when she reminds me that my wounds are my greatest gifts. MY GREATEST GIFTS! I stand by my spirit with trembling and great celebration; I dance through life with my chest open raw to show my purest authenticity. I will no longer be paralyzed. I will no longer be a frozen prisoner in my own body. . . I will no longer be paralyzed. I will dance with my chest open, with my victories and wounds on an equal pedestal.”

Theresa Dulken ~ College student (age 19)
Individual Life Coaching
Individual coaching sessions could be a great option for you to get personal support and acquire crucial information for your life aspirations. Coaching -- from the heart-centered life-leadership perspective -- will help you:

  • Discover more of your natural & authentic creative strength and use it to build solid and rewarding relationships
  • Build passionate visions for your life that match your most authentic longings & aspirations
Learn more about how to intentionally & soulfully relate to:

  • Your individual nature & its particular style
  • The paradoxes of life (joy & grief, success & defeat)
  • The longings of your heart
  • Take breakthrough steps toward your life vision & deepest heart desires
Personal coaching is offered either in person or via phone or skype by the following people:
Chris Saade (based in San Diego, CA)
Mandy Bird (based in Charlotte, NC)
Barry Sherman (based in Charlotte, NC)
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