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Gallery 1:
A Dynamic & Creative Experience of Learning
 Chris teaching the Keys of Life-leadership 
Inspirational teaching thru performance art
Tammy offering words of welcome
Tammy & Mandy: Powerful co-leadership
Mandy speaking about intentional heart-centered living 
Learning thru "sculpting"
Supporting each other
Cindy Ballaro performing during
an ILC weekend
Lacy & Jane Keesler: Elders of the ILC
Chris Saade & Mandy Eppley sharing the stage
during an ILC community evening
Kevin Brock (drums) & Barry Sherman (sax)
doing a performance art jazz piece
on the theme of claiming our authentic nature
Tom Anthony reads one of his poems 



                                      Barry: Teaching thru performance art
Experiential learning
Learning thru community sharing
Lynne Dulken speaks during an
ILC community evening
Steph: The beat of the drum awakens
the passionate rhythms of the heart
John Amen: Music & poetry straight from the heart
Tom, Polly & Ginger: Experiential learning

Gallery 2:
Views of a Full Coaching Weekend
Learning together

Chris enjoys a moment with his Godson Ben
Baby Tess pays a visit
Teaching from Chris is a vital part of all Full Coaching weekends

Creative learning thru drama 
Dr. Steve English, ILC Support Facilitator, during
a moment of "dramatic" learning

Listening to each other 

Tammy offers a passionate response 


Gallery 3:
~ The ILC Young Adult Day 2006 ~
Claiming & Celebrating
Your Authentic Nature
(A Day of Learning thru I.mpact T.heatre)
A special day for Young Adults to learn about themselves
Active participation
Learning about archetypes: A few "Rebels" gather together
Chris: Teaching that guides, inspires and motivates
Exploring our "dominant" archetypes
What are your dominant archetypes?
Preparing for the I.mpact T.heatre performance   

                                                            Students from Northwest School of the Arts 
Posing during a break


                                                                                                                                                                  A bountiful feast!
Laughter & friendship
I.mpact T.heatre: The performance begins!

Gallery 4:
The ILC Clown University Performance Troupe
(Laughing, Learning, Creative Expression)

The clown rock band warms up 
The clown rock band performs an original number 

Clowns Cindy, Steph & Tammy take center stage
The clown troupe prides itself on full audience participation
Even clowns have moments of serious reflection 
Learning can be such fun!
The entrance of Clown Theresa  
The Cat-in-the-Hat offering words of wisdom 
A symbolic gesture of claiming great vision in our lives 

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