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The Institute for Life-Leadership & Coaching
coming in the Fall of 2017
Service Learning Events  
Fun Community events with news & information about humanitarian efforts in the world
with Tom Anthony 
Cindy Ballaro
Please e-mail tom at for further details!

 New Quotations from Chris Saade:

We are agents of transformation. Our spirituality is a call to unite the inner with the outer, to infuse society with our highest values of solidarity and compassion. Love is a voice for the voiceless. It is, as well, the greatest force for meaningful action. The long quest to understand spirit is leading us today to grasp the activist nature of love.


Our whole lives are an attempt to touch God, through our love for the earth.


Loving someone in soul and body is ultimately a sacred ritual. Every time we invite someone into our arms and abandon ourselves to their presence, we reenact the union of the loving forces that generated the universe. We offer our joined hearts and bodies as a sacred symbol of divine union. We are reminded that there is a love within us that can overcome the forces of destruction. There is a gentleness and an ardor of being that can conquer all.


However hard the challenges, however barren the landscape seems, your spirit is stunning in its strength and unceasingly creative. The hope that is within you belongs to millennia of evolution. Know that you are accompanied by the prayers of the ancestors and the ministering of angels. Know that the power of your love is rooted in the passion of God. Who you are and what you do is crucial to the unfolding of love's dream.


We are part and parcel of every dream that shakes the apathy of oppression; our spirit has been fashioned by every noble aspiration and audacious attempt at social transformation. You are not an isolated being. You never were. Isolation is an illusion. It leads you to feel cut off and disempowered. You are a thread in a canopy of prayers—prayers that sustain your flight and edge you to give your all, to be consumed in the passion of God for a world reconciled and one. Listen to all that longs in you. Carry your part of the great dream.


Come into your own truth. Ground yourself in your spirit. Resist the temptation to betray your heart.  Resist the devouring ambition to succeed at the cost of your spirit. There is another path. It is the heroic path. It demands from you an unwavering commitment to follow your spirit and uphold its uniqueness. You will know how your spirit creates and how it serves the world when you listen to, respect and honor the revelations your heart offers to you.


Respect differences. The ground of disagreements is holy. Bow in reverence to others when you differ with them. The Divine reveals itself through the many, not the one. Thank others for the perspective they bring. We can pray in solitude, but only together can we hear the answer. 


Seek to let your work be an expression of your heart, an emanation of your passion to contribute to the evolution of the world. So often we forget that the work to which we devote so much of our time is indeed one of the great romantic ventures for our spirit. Don't you dream about unchartered possibilities? Don't you take risks and try to manifest something you consider most beautiful and meaningful? Work is never only work. Work is always sacred.


Never give up contributing your part to seed peace and justice. No defeat need to stop you. History is written through obstinate small giant steps. What seemed unattainable yesterday is often the law of the land today. You are the evolutionary thrust of the Divine. Strive for the dream even if you do not see the immediate results. Build the dream even if things seem to be collapsing around you. Do it for that child, for the children whose suffering is God's grief. Do it for love's sake. Your love will determine what will be written about our world and it's future.


Do not seek to transform your life into a panacea. Do not buy into the sayings of the peddlers of the easy life. They say, "if you would only color your thoughts with cheery tones, if you would only trust enough, let go enough, chant enough... You will be for ever free of pain." Life is a very difficult journey. It is the path of the heroic soul.  We are part of a grand journey of evolution that demands from us an immense reservoir of will, perseverance and the audacity to love. It is also true that life will always furnish you with sources of beauty and inspiration. If you look close, you can see everywhere traces of God's friendship, support and nurturance.


We need to birth leaders who are spiritual giants in their commitment to peace and global solidarity. We citizens are the wombs out of which such leaders will arise. What we think and what we say to our friends, neighbors and children will determine the mood and orientation of our collective policies. If we want greater justice then we have to speak about justice. If we want ecological harmony then we have to clamor about it. If we remain silent, the systems of exploitation will expand and continue their abuse. Only a spirituality that is engaged can confront the powers of oppression with the language of the heart. Each one of us is intrinsically part of the renewal process of our civilization.


We are drawn to love because we were made for love. Our purpose and the purpose of our planet are one and the same: to become an emanation of love's consciousness. Love as romance, love as compassion but also love as global solidarity, justice, and democratic rights.


Remember that the world lives in you and that your spirit is fed, nourished and inspired by the hopes of the world—hopes for peace, justice and unity. While our personality is utterly our own, our spirit is connected with the whole of life, earth, people, and animals.