The ILC is a very welcoming and inspiring learning and training community. The self-development programs of the ILC are designed to furnish people with important information and tools of heart-centered psychology and heart-centered spirituality. The institute derives its teaching material from sundry schools of psychology and philosophy, as well as the great spiritual traditions. The ILC is very respectful and supportive of humanity's great diversity of traditions, beliefs and perspectives.

Participants acquire clear and efficient tools for breakthrough in all their relationships (personal, professional, community). They also learn the art of "romancing" their spirit, visions and relationships. We "romance" our lives when we bring to the different aspects of our interactions a sense of gratitude, awe, celebration, passion and warmth.

The ILC uses the model of INTEGRA© developed by Chris Saade
INTEGRA bridges the gap between self-development and social responsibility. The Integra model of heart-centered life-leadership allows individuals to translate their personal development into core actions that contribute to more meaningful relationships, greater peace, solidarity and an inclusive world: A world where DIVERSITY IN OUR PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS AND IN THE GLOBAL SPHERE BECOMES not our problem BUT OUR GREATEST ASSET.

Through the INTEGRA model, the ILC teaches the psychology of authenticity and intentionality with an emphasis on the practical/everyday application of the "heart-centered authentic process" and the "heart-centered intentional process." Pursuing such knowledge of heart-centered life-leadership allows participants to learn concepts and tools of:

  • relationship transformation and enhancement;
  • bridge-building across differences;
  • peacemaking;
  • creating passionate inclusive visions.

Individuals use their acquired knowledge to greatly enhance the quality of their personal/professional/ community relationships and chosen spiritual pursuits.
INTEGRA© by Chris Saade Introduction
Chris Saade’s model of INTEGRA acknowledges and affirms the great potential and splendor of our humanity. As such, it speaks not to who we have been in the past or to who we are in the present. Rather, this approach to life speaks of who we are now called to become as human beings.

The six keys of INTEGRA inform and guide us in ways that create profound possibilities for unification – first and foremost, a unification that recognizes spiritual transformation within the individual and peace-building in the world as two sides of the same sacred coin.

Through the six keys, we are invited to participate in an evolutionary leap and consider a far deeper and more mature conception of who we are as human beings. INTEGRA says: At the very spiritual and ethical core of our humanity, we are (and thus must become) beings of great authenticity, paradox, heart, advocacy, co-creation and celebration. To embody these concepts – to make them real and alive in our daily living – is to cultivate a deeply spiritual relationship with oneself, while simultaneously creating greater experiences of peace and justice in the world. Along with the six keys, the model of INTEGRA is also an expression of three historical moments that we are now called to claim and embrace:

This is the moment in our historical development that we are called to claim The Great Freedom……

The Great Freedom born within us individually as the Divine is made manifest through the expression of our authenticity……

The Great Freedom that is unshackled as we allow the great joy and great grief of the world to take root and live within us.This is the moment in our historical development that we are called to claim The Great Passion……

The Great Passion that unleashes the sacred longings and desires within the heart of each individual……

The Great Passion that awakens us to the hearts of others and the soul of the world. This is the moment in our historical development that we are called to take Global Action......

To act as co-creative global citizens who are aware that we are sons and daughters of the earth……

To act in ways that allow the deepest expressions of our spirituality to become the celebratory embodiment of Divine Love in the world.

As you proceed with your exploration of INTEGRA, it is important to bear in mind that it is not a linear model. Rather, it presents an orientation toward life that creates an intimate, circular and overlapping interplay between the Six Keys and the three Great Moments. For example: As I claim more of my authenticity, I become more capable of celebrating what is real in the world around me. And as I step more fully into the great paradoxes within my own life, I am more able to advocate the diversity expressed by others. And as I actively work for peace and justice in the world, I discover another part of my own heart that is still shackled by chains of oppression…and so on…

INTEGRA extends an epic invitation to continue with the Great Work of transforming ourselves into hallowed instruments of the Divine and transforming our world into a holy sanctuary of global peace and justice.

We invite you to download this PDF that will give you more detail about INTEGRA.

"The tools of Heart-centered Life-leadership have helped and inspired me to become more and more of who I am at my most authentic -- a truly liberating gift. Through this work I also experience being seen and seeing others at an incredible level of depth -- a reminder that I am not alone on this journey, but on the contrary walking with others who are mighty and beautiful in their struggling and triumphs."

Casey Robertson - Artist, ILC Advanced Facilitator, Trainer


Casey's thoughts about Heart-centered Life-leadership

(Casey Robertson is an ILC Advanced Facilitator)

A leadership training like no other... We offer a tremendously unique approach to self-development that consists of a powerful model of practical psychology and philosophy that is explored and practiced within a context of in-depth spirituality. We use a wide variety of methodologies that range from traditional lecture and discussion to drama, movement, drumming, and rituals of meaning.

We see self-development as an ethical responsibility whose duel purpose is to enrich the quality of our own lives, as well as, to impact and enrich the lives of others with empowered generosity and through a quest for a more just world. We are committed to challenging the myth that self-development is an end in itself, and rather, assert that the most powerful personal work always takes place in a context of global awareness and responsibility.


In Casey's words, Heart-centered Life-Leadership is about...

Engaging in the work of discovering, claiming, and "de-shaming" our nature, i.e., our unique, one of a kind way of being in the world, a way that is unlike any other person's way of being in the world. Heart-centered Life-leadership is about embracing our deepest authentic nature as the "river" from which our greatest generosity and power to impact can emerge. 


Inviting and embracing the paradoxes that are the inherent building material of life: birth and death, grief and joy, ease and struggle, faith and doubt... And especially to claim and develop our human capacity to feel deeply the paradox of our lives and of the world. The vital human heart knows great sadness, anxiety, and anger as well as great excitement, happiness, and peace; through their expression we become more alive.

Freeing the deepest longings of our heart and making our core desires and dreams the passionate foundation of our lives as well as the foundation of our generosity and contribution to a more just and authentic society.


Generously advocating others--their nature, paradoxical feelings, and heart--that are inevitably different from our own. Holding up, protecting, and advocating those that are different from ourselves is the beginning of creative negotiation and the beginning of the end of violence.

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