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Everyday Heart-centered Life-Leadership:
Bridge to the Future


   * Heart-centered Authenticity
   * Heart-centered Intentionality

   * Creative Diversity

   * Peace-building in All Our Relationships (Personal & Global)

The ILC is a very welcoming and inspiring learning and training community. The self development programs of the ILC are designed to furnish people with important information and tools of heart-centered psychology and heart-centered spirituality. The institute derives its teaching material from sundry schools of psychology and philosophy, as well as the great spiritual traditions. The ILC is very respectful and supportive of humanity's great diversity of traditions, beliefs and perspectives.

Participants acquire clear and efficient tools for breakthrough in all their relationships (personal, professional, community). They also learn the art of "romancing" their spirit, visions and relationships. We "romance" our lives when we bring to the different aspects of our interactions a sense of gratitude, awe, celebration, passion and warmth.

The ILC uses the model of INTEGRA developed by Chris Saade.  The institute strives to make the ideas & tools of heart-centered life-leadership (Integra) available to all at affordable prices.

INTEGRA bridges the gap between self development & social responsibility.  The Integra model of heart-centered life-leadership allows individuals to translate their personal development into core actions that contribute to more meaningful relationships, greater peace, solidarity and an inclusive world: A world where DIVERSITY IN OUR PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS & IN THE GLOBAL SPHERE BECOMES not our problem BUT OUR GREATEST ASSET.

"We must be the change we want to see happen in the world... We are the leaders we have been waiting for."

"The tools of Heart-centered Life-leadership have helped and inspired me to become more and more of who I am at my most authentic -- a truly liberating gift.  Through this work I also experience being seen and seeing others at an incredible level of depth -- a reminder that I am not alone on this journey, but on the contrary walking with others who are mighty and beautiful in their struggling and triumphs."

(Casey ~ artist, ILC Advanced Facilitator, Trainer)

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heart-centered life-leadership from Casey

Through the INTEGRA model, the ILC teaches the psychology of authenticity and intentionality with an emphasis on the practical/everyday application of the "heart-centered authentic process" & the "heart-centered intentional process."  Pursuing such knowledge of heart-centered life-leadership allows participants to learn concepts & tools of:

        * relationship transformation & enhancement; 
        * bridge-building across differences;
        * peacemaking; & 
        * creating passionate inclusive visions.

Individuals use their acquired knowledge to greatly enhance the quality of their personal/professional/community relationships &
chosen spiritual pursuits.

"A path with heart calls us to expand our horizons. . . A path with heart brings out the best in us. . . encourages us to evolve, to use ourselves to the utmost & not be content with just coasting through life."
~ Muriel & John James

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Chris Saade
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"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your heart."
~ Carl Jung



"The personal freedom to think & feel & speak authentically & to be conscious of so doing is the quality that distinguishes us as human."

~ Rollo May