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What is Heart-centered
Heart-centered life-leadership is the ability to impact all areas of our lives with creative passion and a deep respect for diversity in all our relationships.  It is also the ability to
co-create thriving visions of
inclusive partnership emphasizing the importance of passionately engaging life's challenges and endeavors "from the heart."
Heart-centered life-leadership
is a choice for daily spiritual courage and a life of authentic generosity.
Back row from left to right:
Tammy Starling ~ Facilitator, Coach 
Chris Saade ~ Founder,  Senior Trainer & Senior Coach
      Barry Sherman ~  Trainer & Senior Coach
Front row from left to right:
     Casey Robertson ~ Trainer, Advanced Facilitator, ILC Consultant
    Mandy Eppley ~ Facilitator, Coach 
What is Heart-centered
Life-leadership Training?
It is. . .

 . . .self development.

. . .an epic journey of
awakening the heart.

. . .self development
in the spirit of what was taught and encouraged by the ancient Greeks and other older civilizations:  A wisdom-based approach emphasizing the great importance of developing a deep sense of psychological acuity, spiritual maturity and ethical consciousness within all individuals (husbands, wives, young people, students, business people, as well as leaders in all walks of life. . .).

. . .a deeply transformative experience of learning psychological and spiritual principles gleaned from the great and diverse traditions of the world.

Who Attends 
Heart-centered Life-leadership
 Individuals from all walks of life (professionals, business people, artists, educators, mental health providers,
retirees, students. . .)
and from all ages (18 & beyond) who seek to enrich their lives with transformative psychological tools & knowledge that can have great impact & make a real difference
in their lives.
An impassioned teaching moment during a staff retreat 

to learn about what the
tools & study of
heart-centered life-leadership
will do for you

An ILC Community Evening
What Will Learning the Tools
of the Heart-centered Approach
Do for You?

You will gain important insights into the psychological processes of authenticity &  intentionality.  You will be able to apply these insights to greatly enhance your chosen life path, religious or
philosophical orientation.

You will learn tools to thrive through the diversity in your relationships, family, workplace & world.

You will develop an intentional vision 
of creative passion, peace & inclusivity -- 
for your personal relationships, family,
workplace & community.
AND. . .

You will explore the singularity of your authentic creative nature & the strength of your 
natural style

You will learn
to befriend & celebrate the fullness 
of your life,
with its paradox of grief & joy,
defeat & success.
You will
connected to
your heart's deepest longings

You will
your ability
passionately advocate others in their differences & envision an inclusive world
of thriving diversity

 AND. . .

You will
free yourself
from the
draining dynamics
of stress & improve
the quality
of your life & health
You will 
bring more
celebration, presence &
intimacy into
your life

You will be inspired to take big steps toward
your life vision -- both personal & global. 
You will be supported by a dynamic &
learning community

You will learn 
the tools to break free from places where you, your family or your business feel stuck


You will discover
what you can authentically
create at the
far edge
of your

You will furbish your skills in
community building
conflict resolution 

You will build
life-lasting friendships
with fellow learners at the institute




"Wisdom is revealed in many ways.
And let us not forget the wisdom expressed
through a life lived in an epic way."