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Archetypal Exploration

"The primordial image, or archetype, is a figure -- be it a daemon, a human being, or a process -- that constantly recurs in the course of history. . . .    Essentially, therefore, it is a mythological figure. . . . In each of these images there is a little piece of human psychology and human fate, a remnant of the joys and sorrows that have been repeated countless times in our ancestral history. . . ."
~ Carl Jung
"On the Relation of Analytical Psychology to Poetry"

"We are aided on our journey by inner guides, or archetypes, each of which exemplifies a way of being on the journey. . . The inner guides are archetypes that have been with us since the dawn of time.  We see them reflected in recurring images in art, literature, myth, and religion; and we know they are archetypal because they are found everywhere, in all times and places."

~ Carol Pearson
(from her book, Awakening the Heroes Within
pgs. 5 & 6)

Archetypal exploration
is a very dynamic and down-to-earth approach
for coming to know ourselves
and each other
in a deep and meaningful way. 
The knowledge of our archetypal make up
gives us very helpful information about our
creative instincts and the powerful nature of our spirit.
For more information on archetypes,
we encourage you to check-out
three links on this website:
And, for further reading, the books of
Carol Pearson, Robert Moore &
Jean Shinoda Bolen
are highly recommended.
"The existence of archetypes is well documented by mountains of clinical evidence. . . .and from careful observation of entrenched patterns of human behavior.  It is also documented by in-depth studies of mythology the world over.  Again and again we see the same essential figures appearing in folklore and mythology. . . .The evidence is great that there are underlying patterns that determine human cognitive and emotional life."
~ Robert Moore & Douglas Gillette
 from their book 
King, Magician, Warrior, Lover, pg 10